INFI coaching is dedicated to helping you create and experience a life you love. Let’s begin your transformational journey to greater fulfilment and success today, both personally and professionally.


INFI partners with organisations to elevate their success by placing people at the heart of it all. Cultivating a culture of wellbeing results in kinder, happier and high-performing, lives & workplaces, whereby both people and businesses flourish & thrive.


A transformative, 8 week leadership launchpad program designed for emerging & current female leaders to accelerate their career, elevate their skills, confidence & mindset to amplify their influence, creating a better world of work and collectively shaping a future where more women lead with impact.


Discover the remarkable impact of emotional intelligence (EQ) to drive success & fulfilment across all areas of life, leadership and work. Cultivating personal growth, professional success, and meaningful relationships.

reimagine the future of work

‘Elevate HR’ is an immersive, 8 week program designed to empower HR professionals like you to elevate your personal brand, skills and confidence. Blending progressive HR strategies with proven, practical and actionable best practise, this program will enable you to become influential change-makers. You will add immense value by enhancing employee experience and driving strategic, organisational impact, fit for purpose, fit for the future.

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    Welcome to Infi coaching & consultancy

    We are dedicated to supporting our clients and organisations on their transformative journeys.

    Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that through insights, strategy and radical action, you can embrace your INFInite potential and shape a reality that aligns with your vision, values, passion and purpose to elevate your success and fulfilment.

    Hello There…

    Meet Beth

    As an award winning Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Coach and Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, I have a proven track record of supporting clients to create better experiences in life & work.

    As a heart-centred leader, my mission is clear…

    “To empower, support, and celebrate purpose-driven individuals and organisations to create better experiences and positive change in lives and workplaces”.

    This is achieved by creating the space dedicated and focused on the human being (s) at the centre of it all, championing inner and outer success and fulfilment.

    “Beth’s natural ability to connect is the best I’ve seen, combine that with her ability to influence and drive positive change in lives and workplaces and well, that’s something very special”.                                                           Melissa, CEO

    Join our movement in building conscious communities, shaping a future where empowered, fulfilled people create positive ripples across lives, homes, communities and workplaces across the globe.

    I’ve always loved working in the People Development space, so much so that i’ve dedicated my whole career to it, living and working across three continents and travelling to nearly fifty countries. We get one shot at life, let’s all do more of what we love and workplaces, your people are your everything, create environments for them to flourish and thrive.

    Personalised approach

    We love to embrace your uniqueness


    We love to build long-lasting,
    strong relationships

    (sprinkled with fun wherever we can)


    We’ve got the experience and
    social proof to deliver results

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    Creating better experiences in life & work

    Embrace your INFInite potential to elevate your success and fulfilment: Personal & Professional Development Experts, specialising in the coaching, mentoring and workplace wellbeing consultancy space.

    INFI empowers, supports and celebrates, purpose-driven 1-1 clients and organisations to create better experiences and positive change in lives and workplaces.