Elevate Women in Leadership

Elevate Women in Leadership Program: Ignite Your INFInite Leadership Potential

Transform your skills, amplify your influence and make a lasting, positive impact.

“ Be the leader that inspires”

Why Elevate Women in Leadership?

We understand the tremendous impact women leaders have on organisations and society as a whole.  Join us in shaping a future where more women confidently lead the way.

This program is more than a training course providing you with leadership theory and methodologies.  It’s one of INFI’s purpose-led signature programs; a high-value investment in your professional and personal growth, centred around a mindset that positions you for success by smashing through glass ceilings, developing your competence and confidence to lead, influence and impact.

By investing in yourself to be all you can be, you’re also joining a movement for gender equality and a better future, world of work.

This is for you if you are…

A woman in senior or emerging leadership

Ready to elevate your career and leadership skills

Seeking meaning, fulfilment and impact

looking to create a powerful network of like-minded women

Purpose-driven for positive change

An ambitious leader ready to ignite and unlock their potential

Inspired to make a difference and pave the way for future women in leadership



In the dynamic landscape of modern business, effective leadership is a significant contributor to organisational success and at INFI we are on a mission to see more women lead the way.  For too long, women in leadership have been under represented and we know the incredible impact women leaders have had and are having across the globe.  Let’s make that happen even more.

We understand the important role leaders play, the cultures they create, the behaviours they exhibit and tolerate, the way they communicate, support, develop and recognise their talent, it all matters.

Leaders are often blamed for under-performance and in some instances this is valid. The costs of poor leadership are multifaceted and can have far-reaching consequences on employee experience, directly impacting performance, wellbeing and company reputation.

Too often people move into leadership roles without any experience, learning or development, which is unfair to them, the team they are leading and the organisation.

We often hear how ‘accidental or technical managers’ are promoted into leadership because of their role-specific skills or length of service and the true reality is, that leading a team requires a whole new skill set, the good news is this can be developed.

Organisations have a duty to support equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging.  Investing in balancing that scale to develop and provide women with leadership opportunities is not only the right thing to do, but it will also bring diverse thinking, unique solutions and more talent and success to your business.


Learning Outcomes

Make it happen: Mindset Focus for Success

Unlock your leadership mindset, stepping up as an effective leader requires authenticity, reflection and inner work.  We do this by addressing your frustrations, desires, and fears. Let’s elevate your self-awareness, embrace challenges with resilience, empower teams and make confident decisions.

Be a leader that inspires

Create a compelling, strategic, leadership vision that aligns with organisational goals and/or career ambitions, enhancing your ability to steer teams towards long-term success.  Learn the art of setting and achieving strategic objectives using a proven framework.
Design your ‘First 90 days Leadership Roadmap’ as an inspired, confident and competent leader.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence Mastery

EI is widely regarded as the #1 most important skill in leadership. Embrace your unique strengths and development areas by elevating your self-awareness.  Your personalised, science-backed EI evaluation will gift you insights and help you create a roadmap for leadership success, enabling you to navigate challenges with emotional intelligence, positively influencing team well-being and performance.

Data-Driven & Reality Testing Decision Making

Develop skills to leverage data to inform decision-making and boost productivity.  By exploring various models, honing critical thinking abilities, and mastering risk management techniques, you will gain the tools needed to make informed, timely decisions for effective leadership.

Building High-Performing Teams

Acquire skills to lead diverse teams effectively, fostering collaboration, innovation and recognition. Create a psychologically safe culture, setting clear expectations and blending radical candour with kindness to guide your team to succeed as you become a skilled communicator and emotionally intelligent leader.

Influence and Negotiation Mastery

Cultivate influential leadership skills, master negotiation, and diplomatically resolve conflicts. Confidently influence decisions and navigate challenges with expertise, honesty and grace, reinforcing a mindset of leadership impact.

Sustainable Leadership Practices

Cultivate sustainable leadership practices, prioritise self-care, and achieve work-life harmony and fulfilment that works for you.  Thrive in leadership roles while maintaining personal well-being, embracing a sustainable mindset benefiting you, your team and organisation.

Executive Presence and Communication Skills

Develop impactful communication skills, project executive presence, and enhance persuasive abilities. Speak confidently in public forums, become an inspiring leader and engage others with compelling communication, maintaining a solution- focused and success-oriented mindset.

Program Details

Duration: 8 Weeks
Format: Live virtual 2hr sessions & interactive workshops Included: Coaching, mentoring, all materials, EQi report

This program is delivered as a group of individuals.  It can also be adapted to 1-1 mentoring or delivered on-site to a cohort of your team within your organisation

Invest in yourself, unlock your leadership potential, and join ‘Elevate Women in Leadership’ to shape the leader you aspire to become and the leader that inspires many future leaders.


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